Intro to Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Bangalore is the total yuppie capital of India with everyone here just like they were in the 80s at home. Everyone is dressed really nice and this city just exudes new money and wealth. The first thing we did was upgrade from our cockroach-infested closet (that three of us had to […]

Almost Running Over the School Boys

Mysore to Bangalore, Karnataka, India – We got on our express bus to Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, but as usual, the “express” part was optional.

Today’s choice of interruption was a strike by the school bus drivers whose routes happen to be on the same road we were traveling on. The school kids […]

Escaping the Hospital

No tea in bed this morning, for I had food poisoning from dinner the night before. The toilet was my friend for the first half of the day because I didn’t want to venture too far without having a toilet nearby. The tailor was just down the road so I paid him a visit […]

Arts & Crafts In The Hospital

Mysore, India – Woke up and Kate hit the bell so we could have our tea. We headed out and over to the tailors, as usual, then went to the outdoor market to pick up the supplies we’d need for this afternoon’s activities at the hospital. We headed to the hospital, gave Rich his […]

Another Day At The Hospital

Woke up, rang the bell, and had our usual tea and newspaper in bed. Kate and I dropped off more material at the tailors, then headed out to the hospital to see what was going on. When we arrived it was outside visiting hours, but because we’re white we were just let through the […]

Indian Hospitals: Giving a Sample

Republic Day, Mysore, India – I guess the tea man can only speak, not read English because after hearing our summons to the room he ignored the note and still knocked to find out what we wanted. Oh well, tea and newspapers in bed still worked – even if we had to get up to […]

Maharaja’s Palace

Mysore, Karnataka, India – Tea in bed once again. Then after breakfast, we headed to change money at the bank, which was supposed to be a major project, but it turned out to be painless. It was on the way to the bank that I found for the first time, the official India Indian red […]

Another Indian Movie

Mysore, Karnataka, India – We woke up in the late morning and had tea and the newspaper delivered to the room. It was Sunday, so we skipped visiting the doctors and just went walking around the city instead.

We decided to have an easy day, so we went to an Indian movie called Pandian. This […]

Rich Went Missing – I Found Him in the Hospital!

Mysore, Karnataka, India – At 5 a.m. this morning, I awoke to the sounds of Rich getting sick in our loo. This happened at Colva beach, so I was not too concerned but then he told us his back hurt on the left side. You could tell the pain was really bad because Rich was […]

Delirious Singing to Mysore

We were heading to Hassan today to check out what is supposed to be two really cool temples. Little did we know that getting there would be such a herculean task. No buses to Hassan, so we jumped on a local’s bus to the nearby town of Sagar, thinking we could get a train there.