Still Lounging Around the Falls

Today we took Lucy and Jessica across the border to the crafts market to go shopping one last time (I said that before) prior to our departure the following morning, provided the money came through. We got to the market ad started bargaining away. I bought a malachite chess et for Z$80.00 (US$18) and […]

Sitting Atop Victoria Falls

No money landed yesterday, so guess who’s still lounging around Vic Falls. We were! Lounging around was exactly what we did that day – Rich, Jessica, Lucy, jenny, Brenda & I all headed to the Sprayview Hotel (where they don’t make you pay to swim) to sit by the pool for the day. After […]

Waiting for the Money

Our truck finally arrived, new truck, as the old one was truly dead, and a new driver so we’d lost Steve. The new driver is a thirty year old British guy names Mick. He’s one of the most negative people I’ve met so we won’t be writing much about him. Because the truck was […]

Hwange Safari in Luxury

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe –

Because we still had a few days to kill before the truck arrived, Boz arranged for us to go on a full day safari at Hwange National Park, known for its high concentration of elephant and lion. Our safari company was Kalambezi and our two trucks arrived at 6:00 […]

White Water Rafting on the Zambezi

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe –

We went white water rafting today, which was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve done so far. We had our pre-rafting meeting where we signed the “if you die we’re not liable” form and heard our safety talk before heading down the cliff below the Vic Falls hotel […]

Another Day of Drinking at Vic Falls

Woke up, sans hangover (unlike a few others in our group) and headed to the Vic Falls Hotel for breakfast. After our tea and scones experience Rich and I wanted to see what a buffet breakfast there might be like. Remember I mentioned the “travel river” – the route that most travellers follow, gathering […]

Sunset Booze Cruise on the Zambezi

Vic Falls sits on the Zambezi river, which doubles as the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Rich and I got up, had our all you can eat buffet breakfast (which was quickly becoming the norm) and decided to go across the bridge to the Zambian side of the falls for a look. We cleared […]

First View of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe –

We all awoke at around 8:00 a.m. the next morning – mainly because we were so hungry, so Mike (the Brit), Rich and I went out to get some food. We started walking to the Vic Falls Hotel to get breaky, but we could see white mist rising up […]

Breakdown in the Kalahari – Race to the Zim Border

Maun, Botswana to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe –

We woke up and packed up camp, for we had one and a half days of straight driving to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Had a quick pick me up smoke before getting on the truck then just vegged out for about ninety minutes. Once the truck had entered the […]

Black Rhinos in Zim

We were all really excited – it was our first safari in search of a dangerous animal. Our vehicle was a converted VW minivan with holes cut in the roof so everyone could standup to see the animals. We got to the park where Wally, our Rhodesian guide took us walking around while telling […]