Another Day of Drinking at Vic Falls

Woke up, sans hangover (unlike a few others in our group) and headed to the Vic Falls Hotel for breakfast. After our tea and scones experience Rich and I wanted to see what a buffet breakfast there might be like. Remember I mentioned the “travel river” – the route that most travellers follow, gathering the information on where to go as they talk to others? Well that theory id 100% true. You do continue to see the same people over and over when you’re travelling around like this. On our way to the hotel for breakfast we ran into this Aussie guy and Danish girl who we’d met in Lilongwe, Malawi and then again at Cape MacLear. Had a word with them and went to breakfast tripping off the fact that we’d seen them again.

On our way back to the campsite we stopped off at the post office for a minute where we met two more people we’d travelled on one of the Malawian hell buses with down to Blantyre. Had a chat with them and continued on to the campsite where we met yet two more people from Malawi – Jessica and Lucy – two very British girls from London. Since we were both lusting after these girls we immediately began to organize to do thins with them – it was nice breaking away from the people on the truck. We ended up taking the girls to show them Vic Falls (again) and I arranged for them to come white water rafting on the Zambezi with us the following day. It was getting too hot so we all too naps and arranged to meet for dinner later.

After our naps and dinner we headed over to Vic Falls newest nightclub – Explorers. This place was the S.Africans version of a college drinking club, only in Africa. Tin y bar – loud music and lots of drunk people in their mid twenties. It was good fun but we were stuffed from walking all day so we headed back and went to sleep.

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