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Our first dose of ‘fame’ at an Indian festival

A story about our first dose of ‘fame’ at an Indian festival. Something that’s very hard to describe to those who haven’t experienced it. […]

Kathakali Dancing

Cochin, Kerala, Karnataka – Woke up at 11 o’clock and the first words out of my mouth were “too many drugs.” My brain was mush from the night before and we had learned that you could take one hit and then put it out anymore in your history.

We left our room in time for […]

Made it to Cochin & The Strongest Ever

Cochin, Kerala, India – We arrived in Cochin, actually its sister city called Ernakulam and booked ourselves into the Biju tourist home, great hotel. Now the Cochin area is almost exactly like San Francisco bay area. We were in Ernakulam, which is like staying in Berkley relative to San Francisco or Cochin. There is even […]

Cops and Taxis

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – We checked out of the hotel leaving our bags behind and headed over to the British Library, the twin to the USIA to catch up on world events. We had taken a rickshaw over there, but he took us in these out of the way loops to make the meter run […]

“Temporary Permanent Resident Permit”

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Woke up and started watching MTV, sounds like a theme by this point. We had absolutely nothing to do and Bangalore being a government city, had nothing to offer us. We finally got lunch at 2 o’clock. Then headed to the state house to see if our extension appeals have been […]

Special Services for Sahibs

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Out to a local’s joint for breakfast. Then, we went out to the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens to sit and read during the afternoon. I sat on a bench aways away from Rich, but situated so I could see him at his bench. After beating off like the fourth kid selling bags […]

Trying for a Visa Extension at the State Legislature

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – We got up and Rich headed to the hospital. He is on a tour of the hospitals of the third world while I took a rickshaw out to the commissioner of police’s headquarters to try and get our visas extended because they would expire before we could get to Nepal. I […]