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Transiting to Nairobi

Kisumu, Kenya – One day to go until the election and we were headed to Nairobi to try to get out of a country which no longer the stablest in East Africa. We packed up our stuff and jumped in the truck with Mike, Tom and Jim who were also going to Nairobi to help Mick sort out the truck for his next trip – they were going to meet our group in Nairobi in a few days. We drove all the way through the beautiful Kenyan countryside, drinking beer and sitting inside our sleeping bags to keep warm. It was a really good day – we had a great time and the scenery was fantastic.

We passed Lake Nakuru and could see a pink ring around the edge of the lake where the flamingos were hanging out. We arrived at the Kumuka compound at about ten o’clock that night and ended up just watching the Kenyan news. They were reporting that the police force in Nairobi would be doubled on election day with air surveillance to watch out for any hot spots in the city. The Kumuka guys were telling us that there’s been some riots in Nairobi a week before and that the opposition parties had already announced that they wouldn’t accept the election results if Moi wins. On that note Rich and I weren’t going to be hanging around Kenya to find out who wins the election – we were going to try to get a flight to Bombay the next day.

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