Great Zimbabwe Ruins

I took my five minute courtesy look and got back in the truck. A few stayed behind in the truck because they thought it’d be boring, and they were right. The dung beetles rolling their ball down the steps was more interesting. Once everyone was back if was off to Bulawayo, driving all day […]

Leaving on Safari (for six weeks)

Jim is really good natured, able to talk to anyone and seems intelligent. Tom doesn’t appear to be that educated at all. He says things like, “If you eat a bulb of garlic you’ll be really healthy. I haven’t tried this myself, but . . .” Things like that. Throughout the course of this […]

Twilight Zone Script – Lilongwe, Malawi

Writing on the truck doesn’t work, so the writing will just have to be done when it’s possible. That’s the only really frustrating thing about being on the truck – you sit there for six hours at a time and are unable to write, unable to read, unable to do anything but drink and […]

Arrested For Public Drinking

Still hanging out at our country club here in Harare. Yesterday (November 5th) was an incredibly uneventful day full of embassy hopping. Uneventful that is until Rich got thirsty. It was way hot, and an hour before, Rich’s Zaire visa application had been rejected because he didn’t have a shirt on in his visa […]

Africa Guidebook: 24 hot water – In Africa?

This next section is my travel companion, Richard Morris’ account of code breaking our Lonely Planet guide book.

Wednesday 4th November 1992, Sable Lodge, Harare

Oh yeah – perhaps the funniest thing yet. I think I have discovered something of utmost importance: top secret code written in the Africa guide […]

Zimbabwe Colonialism & Gangsters

Harare, Zimbabwe –

Rich and I had planned to get up early and go to the Embassy election party, but we needed to get our passports over to the Zairian embassy so we could get our visa issued; we had a few to get before we could take off traveling before the safari. We […]

U.S. Presidential Election Day, Harare, Zimbabwe

Rich and I both really like Harare. This morning we had our first walk around, and I feel really comfortable here. The city is clean, hot (at times) and from the small shopping centers I’ve seen I would think I was in Sacramento if I didn’t know better. The city is so Western; it’s […]

Nairobi to Harare, Zimbabwe

It is absolutely pissing down with rain this morning; if these are the short rains I wouldn’t like to see the long heavy ones.

After talking to these other travelers, we decided it wasn’t worth it to travel around Kenya on our own right now; if everything gets stolen, then […]