Fascinating Days On the Ferry

Lake Tanganyika, Between Zambia and Tanzania – Woke up at 2:00 a.m. because it was so damn hot so I grabbed my sleeping bag and moved up to the first class outdoor deck where a bunch of other people from the truck had been sleeping. I awoke in time to see the sunrise, and the […]

Boarding the Ferry on Lake Tanganyika

Mplungu, Zambia – We got up and after packing our day packs for our ferry journey we took a walk around this port town. Not a lot in town but the port itself so we went and vegged our at our nicely landscaped campsite. While we were sitting there killing time waiting for the […]

Almost to Mpulungu

We needed to be in Mpulungu tonight, or we might not make the ferry, but we had a lot of k’s to cover so who knows if we’d make it or not. We left at 6:20 a.m. and drove all day long. It was definitely a long day – about twelve hours later it […]

Kenyan Elections May Be A Problem

We drove all day long. I resorted to drinking beer all day to keep myself entertained (which created a few more piss stops than needed) but we finally pulled into this Zambian village right off the main road to camp for the night. We played a few camp fire (Camp Noel Porter-type) games after […]

Transit through Lusaka

Camping there wasn’t that bad except for the torrential rain which leaked into the tent a bit and threatened to collapse it all together. We got up extra early, for we needed to get to Mpulungu, the port town on Lake Tanganyika (the deepest lake in the world) by Friday to catch the ferry […]

Finally Leaving Zimbabwe for Zambia

Today I shipped home my tenth two kilo box out of Zimbabwe. My parents are going to wonder what I didn’t buy in southern Africa. When Rich and I were at the post office in line, who should come find us but Simon, – the Aussie doctor we’d sailed down the Nile with the […]