Sunset Booze Cruise on the Zambezi

Vic Falls sits on the Zambezi river, which doubles as the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Rich and I got up, had our all you can eat buffet breakfast (which was quickly becoming the norm) and decided to go across the bridge to the Zambian side of the falls for a look. We cleared […]

First View of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe –

We all awoke at around 8:00 a.m. the next morning – mainly because we were so hungry, so Mike (the Brit), Rich and I went out to get some food. We started walking to the Vic Falls Hotel to get breaky, but we could see white mist rising up […]

Breakdown in the Kalahari – Race to the Zim Border

Maun, Botswana to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe –

We woke up and packed up camp, for we had one and a half days of straight driving to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Had a quick pick me up smoke before getting on the truck then just vegged out for about ninety minutes. Once the truck had entered the […]

Canoe Ride at Midnight?

Okavango Delta, Botswana –

We were all tired from camping out on the Delta so we packed up our camp and got back in the makoros to work our way back to civilization. One relaxing makoro ride, one exhilarating speed boat ride and one very long, hot and dusty safari vehicle ride across the […]

Walking In Front of a Buffalo Herd – Ready to Charge

Thanksgiving, Middle of the Okavango Delta, Botswana –

We woke up at 6:00 a.m. to start our elephant trek – our guides were taking us walking around the island we were staying on. We walked inland quite a distance from clearing to clearing spotting tons o’animals along the way. The animals are really funny; […]

Headin’ to the Okavango Delta

Maun, Botswana –

The morning of the 23rd we packed up and headed for the Botswanan border; we were on our way to the Okavango Delta. Once in Botswana we drove all day across the northern tip of the Kalahari Desert (spotting ostrich running away from the truck along the way) before pulling over […]

Black Rhinos in Zim

We were all really excited – it was our first safari in search of a dangerous animal. Our vehicle was a converted VW minivan with holes cut in the roof so everyone could standup to see the animals. We got to the park where Wally, our Rhodesian guide took us walking around while telling […]

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

I took my five minute courtesy look and got back in the truck. A few stayed behind in the truck because they thought it’d be boring, and they were right. The dung beetles rolling their ball down the steps was more interesting. Once everyone was back if was off to Bulawayo, driving all day […]

Leaving on Safari (for six weeks)

Jim is really good natured, able to talk to anyone and seems intelligent. Tom doesn’t appear to be that educated at all. He says things like, “If you eat a bulb of garlic you’ll be really healthy. I haven’t tried this myself, but . . .” Things like that. Throughout the course of this […]

Malawi to Harare (via Blantyre)

We left Cape MacLear two days ago on a bus to Blantyre. The bus ride wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as the one to Monkey bay, and we got to go through some beautiful countryside. Blantyre is the industrial center of Malawi, with not a lot to offer the backpacker. We stayed in this Christian […]