Great Zimbabwe Ruins

I took my five minute courtesy look and got back in the truck. A few stayed behind in the truck because they thought it’d be boring, and they were right. The dung beetles rolling their ball down the steps was more interesting. Once everyone was back if was off to Bulawayo, driving all day to get there. We were trucking along when BOOM! Our other rear tire had experienced a sudden increase in road temperature, combined with almost no tread, causing a large explosion. (That’s just a long-winded way to say “blow out”) Our second time – now we really couldn’t believe it. Changed another tire before rolling into the City of Bulawayo campsite.

We set up camp then went out to dinner. We then had the first of many a smoking session with Steve the driver. Off to bed, for the next morning we were going on our first big game hunt.

Woke up the morning of the 23rd ready to go find some Rhino. We were off to the Rhodes Matapos National Park to check out some black and white rhino. The only thing is that the rangers have been de-horning the rhinos to try to prevent them from being poached, so the rhinos hide when they hear vehicles approaching.

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