On The Beach At Lake Malawi

Here’s the text from the Christmas postcards which are being mailed out: “Nov 18, 92. Dear ——, MERRY CHRISTMAS! We’ve made it to Malawi for the two weeks we had to kill before our safari. This place is heaven. We’re staying in one of the few modern buildings in a village made of thatched huts at Cape MacLear, Lake Malawi. The lake has over 650 species of fish to snorkel after. When you get in the water for a swim the fish come to you and surround you while you’re swimming. We eat fresh fish and rice for dinner; mangos, eggs and coconut for breakfast – if I didn’t have to catch the safari truck on the 20th I’d stay here. It was a hellish bus ride getting here but well worth it. We’re getting a local to take us in his boat (carved out of a tree) over to one of the islands to do diving and eat fresh fish for the day. (That’ll cost $3.00). our room opens up onto the beach and it’s got our own bathroom for $2.50 each. All we do is lounge on the beach and swim all day. Remember, I’m south of the equator and it’s summer down here! Have a great Christmas! We’ll be in Nairobi on the 3rd or the 4th before we go to India to sit on more beaches.. Take Care. All the best. Love, Brad”

Yesterday we sat on the beach, went swimming, sat on the beach, went swimming, sat on the beach . . . That’s how difficult the day was.

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