Somewhere on Lake Kivu, Zaire

We got up, took down camp and started driving. We had to be in Goma today, no matter what, and the roads were flatter than usual so it was pretty smooth riding. We were told we were going to drive until we got to Goma – we needed to book the gorillas – be it midnight if that’s what it took. We drove all day around Lake Kivu, stopping for an hour for lunch, then continuing to drive forever. It got dark and we kept driving. I sat next to Tom and amused myself simply by having a conversation with him – he’s a bit dim as you know. Finally got to Goma at 9:30 p.m. and everyone was starving. Dinner began, but I started immediately into the rum and cokes. Jenni joined me after my first drink, so the two of us proceeded to finish off the bottle of rum then move into another half bottle of vodka. We were both stumbling drunk by 3:30 a.m. so we staggered to bed.

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