Another Day At The Hospital

Woke up, rang the bell, and had our usual tea and newspaper in bed. Kate and I dropped off more material at the tailors, then headed out to the hospital to see what was going on. When we arrived it was outside visiting hours, but because we’re white we were just let through the security gate and up into Rich’s air conditioned room. no word on exactly what Rich’s condition was – they were doing a few tests and still giving him flush therapy for his possible kidney stone. Kate and I sat with Rich in his drab, undecorated room all afternoon. Rich was given an air conditioned room that consisted of a bed pushed against the wall, one neon tube on the opposite wall, an air conditioner that sat in the window, and two white translucent windows that I had to tie shut with a piece of a stolen bedsheet so the mosquitoes couldn’t get in.

The doctor came in and refused to show us Rich’s medical chart; he said to just ask him and he’d tell us what we wanted to know. Rather a pompous attitude for us, so we asked him question after question until he broke down and took Kate (who was a British medical student) to go look at Rich’s chart. Left the hospital in the afternoon and dropped off some more fabric at the tailors, then lounged around our room for a while. Met Kate at the room then went to the people who sell fabric and bought a whole bunch more. Back to the tailor, yet again to drop off the newest bits of fabric then finally made it to the hospital to give Rich dinner. He reported nothing had been done since we’d left earlier that afternoon. I went and had a meeting with the hospital administrator to get the billing sorted out and bitch that nothing had been done. After my whinge session with the administrator I headed back to our room to wait for the insurance company to call from London again.

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