Final Day in Pokhara

Som’s House Above Phedi, Nepal – The bloody rooster woke us up at half past four again and by 6:15 everyone was up and starting their daily duties. Som and I had tea with his family, then we bid them farewell and I thanked them heartily for such a nice time.

We had to make an early departure and get back to Pokhara as not to be charged another day’s rental on our bikes. We hiked down to Phedi, got our bikes out of storeage and made the one and a half hour 15 km fide back to Pokhara. Thankfully it was 90% downhill so little effort was needed riding that early in the morning. We returned the bikes, had tea and rolls for breakfast then I crashed out at 9:00 a.m. exhausted from the previous two days.

Awoke at 1:00 p.m. and got some food then hung out with Ram for a while. There are absolutely no tourists in Pokhara now, partly due to the bus strike, and partly because tourism’s just down so it was a lazy day around town. Saw Som and his sister at the lodge we were staying at and chatted with them for a while. No power tonight so “nothing to do Kathmandu.”

The buses are running again and I’m booked on the 6:30 a.m. bus to Kathmandu tomorrow – finally. With only a month’s Nepalese visa I’ve seemed to have no problem spending three weeks of my time in Pokhara. Made some good friends in the process, but I think a lack of time in the country warrants a second visit next year.


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