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Cows, cows, everywhere

Gokarna, Karnataka, India – Three weeks ago, today, Rich and I arrived on the Indian subcontinent. I never would have thought we would be spending this much time here. This country really has a lot to offer. We have not traveled that far and we have got a long way to go but it has been too fun so far. This morning, the man that owned our little beach complex we are staying in told us that we got to upgrade our room to one of the beach front ones. We gathered our stuff and moved to the front building with the view facing the ocean. It is much better than our cockroach infested room, only you have got to watch out for the cows. Very huge number of cows that walk around on the beach in front of the room and if you do not keep the door closed, they will come up on the porch and have a peep in your room if you are not careful. Could not muster much energy, so sitting on the beach 10 yards from our new room, reading was the only thing we could manage. We all liked our new room because we could just hang on the porch in the evening before going to bed. No cockroaches in this room, just ants. At about 4 a.m., I awoke to the sounds of Rich taking our India guide and bringing it down repeatedly on the trail of ants making the way across his mattress. At least, it was not cockroaches.

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