To Jog Falls, Karnataka

Gokarna to Jog Falls, Karnataka, India – It was time for Kate, Rich and I to put ourselves together and move on. We have been sitting on the beach for almost 12 days solid. We packed our bags, took our last walk through the movie set town of Gokarn and jumped on the bus to Jog Falls. We did the tie your pack to the roof of the bus bit and had a rather boring, bumpy six-hour bus ride up and down the Karnataka mountains to the falls.

I do not know what the deal was but the girl sitting behind me got car sick all over her mother and another older woman leaned out the window and booted everywhere. It seems that the only one who do not get car sick are the westerners.

Once we arrived at the Falls, I climbed up on the roof of the bus and was in the process of untying our bags when the bus started to pull away bound for its next stop. Kate and Rich started screaming and hitting the side of the bus just as I got a firm grip on the luggage rack ready for the ride of my life. They managed to get the driver’s attention and he stopped long enough for me to throw the packs down on to the ground and climb off the back of the bus, typical third world event.

We arrived at 5 p.m. So, we got a room and then wandered over to take a look at the Falls. These are the tallest in India measuring in at 253 meters, but they are nowhere near as impressive as Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

For lack of something better to do, the three of us hiked down to the base of the Falls and nearly died of over-exhaustion after completing the bloody climb out of the gorge. It was not that exciting to begin with.

We went to sleep, more passed out from fatigue shortly thereafter, but before we could turn the light out, a cockroach had to make his cameo appearance by walking across my mattress. Kate happened to be closest to him, so she knocked him on the floor and killed him, followed by all three of us simultaneously pulling our beds away from the walls.

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